Just miles away I see my home
Few years away I behold my Jerusalem
I hear my people weeping for joy
I see them grinning from ear to ear
Like a dog with two tails

Fight harder for Jerusalem
Riot for freedom
Let’s climb the mountains
Swim the oceans
Cross the desert
For our Jerusalem.

We are so much close to the land of freedom
Freedom of expression
Freedom of association
Freedom of conscience
Freedom of religion.

The suffering
The torture
The oppression and
The humiliation
Shall be no more.

The prisons shall open and
Swallow the oppressors and dictators
It waits for the facilitators of oppression
The enablers of our suffering and
The violators of human rights.

My heart yearns for Freedom
The land of milk and honey
Where we shall all be equal in the eyes of the law
Where justice, peace, tranquility and freedom
Shall rain from dawn to dawn.