When time stops
For a moment
Among strokes of butterfly's wings
When I dive into silence
Of forgotten city
Into peace
Of frozen lake
When everything's still
Only thoughts about you
Like colours from Pollock's brush
Dripping into my mind

Since you are the one entirely mine

And because of you I strive
To put my chaos into order
Although this way
I am completely fine

Because of you a curiosity is knocking
Indefatigably into my scull
Leading me further
Through stains, knots and curves
With a map between
South and north pole
To find that empty space
On the map of undisclosed consciousness
Meant for a dreamer
Dreaming the Sun

Because of you I listen to
The darkness around me
To avoid sharpening my senses
Watching behind visible
Listening beyond what I hear
Being Conscious of this small mistake in translation
Which put horns on Moses
In Michelangelo's masterpiece
Since cornatus and coronatus
Is very much similar,
But still meaning something different.

Because of you I am ready
To drop off lightning from eyes
And a sword from my mouth
Offering – peace to you
Open hands
Without false promises
Behind my back

To allow myself
From time to time
An erosion of the past from shoulders
To fix Jacob's ladder
Of my back
And without excessive luggage
So called earthly values
To take a glance into the clouds

Because of you I watch death
In a different way
Since I do not have supremacy
Over dead
Only because I stay alive
And it does not matter
shall I die tomorrow or
Some other day,
But shall I have the courage
To die slowly, day by day
And like Phenix
from ashes to rise again and again

Because of you a sense is only an excuse
For glorious jorneys
From knowledge to findings
From watching to seeing
From life to just going through

Although this way is just fine

Because of you I wear a smile
For a fear weaved into hair
And strong shivering of prejudice
Of Those sharing steps with me
Because I more favour peace
From - being right
on this short pilgrimage

Because of you I dropped off all cheap
Saloon tricks from all books which
I read
And figured out
That the beauty is to just simply say
I love you

Because of you I stay myself
And only in love without possessing
And only in flight of free wings
I am completely yours
And you are completely mine