The North Shore Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


September On Cape AnnA
The partridge berry flecks with flame the wayB
That leads to ferny hollows where the beeC
Drones on the aster Far away the seaC
Points its deep sapphire with a gleam of greyB
Here from this height where clustered sweet the bayB
Clumps a green couch the haw and barberryB
Beading her hair sad Summer seeminglyC
Has fallen asleep unmindful of the dayB
The chipmunk barks upon the old stone wallD
And in the shadows like a shadow stirsE
The woodchuck where the boneset's blossom creamsF
Was that a phoebe with its pensive callD
A sighing wind that shook the drowsy firsE
Or only Summer waking from her dreamsF
In An Annisquam GardenH
Old phantoms haunt it of the long agoI
Old ghosts of old time lovers and of dreamsF
Within the quiet sunlight there meseemsF
I see them walking where those lilies blowI
The hardy phlox sways to some garment's flowI
The salvia there with sudden scarlet streamsF
Caught from some ribbon of some throat that gleamsF
Petunia fair in flounce and furbelowI
I seem to hear their whispers in each windJ
That wanders mid the flowers There they standK
Among the shadows of that apple treeC
They are not dead whom still it keeps in mindJ
This garden planted by some lovely handK
That keeps it fragrant with its memoryC
The ElementsF
I saw the spirit of the pines that spokeL
With spirits of the ocean and the stormM
Against the tumult rose its tattered formM
Wild rain and darkness round it like a cloakL
Fearful it stood limbed like some twisted oakL
Gesticulating with one giant armN
Raised as in protest of the night's alarmN
Defiant still of some impending strokeL
Below it awful in its majestyC
The spirit of the deep with rushing locksF
Raved and above it lightning clad and shodO
Thundered the tempest Thus they stood the threeC
Terror around them while upon the rocksF
Destruction danced mocking at man and GodO
Night And Storm At GloucesterB
I heard the wind last night that cried and weptQ
Like some old skipper's ghost outside my doorB
And on the roof the rain that tramped and toreB
Like feet of seamen on a deck storm sweptQ
Against the pane the Night with shudderings creptQ
And crouched there wailing moaning ever moreB
Its tale of terror of the wrath on shoreB
The rage at sea bidding all wake who sleptQ
And then I heard a voice as old as TimeR
The calling of the mother of the worldS
Ocean who thundered on her granite cragsF
Foaming with fury meditating crimeR
And then far off wild minute guns and hurledS
Through roaring surf the rush of sails in ragsF
The Voice Of OceanH
A cry went through the darkness and the moonT
Hurrying through storm gazed with a ghastly faceF
Then cloaked herself in scud the merman raceF
Of surges ceased and then th' olian croonT
Of the wild siren Wind within the shroudsF
Sunk to a sigh The ocean in that placeF
Seemed listening haunted for a moment's spaceF
By something dread that cried against the cloudsF
Mystery and night and with them fog and rainU
And then that cry again as if the deepV
Uttered its loneliness in one dark wordW
Her horror of herself her Titan painU
Her monsters and the dead that she must keepV
Has kept alone for centuries unheardW
I saw the daughters of the ocean danceF
With wind and tide and heard them on the rocksF
White hands they waved me tossing sunlit locksF
Green as the light an emerald holds in tranceF
Their music bound me as with necromanceF
Of mermaid beauty that for ever mocksF
And lured me as destruction lures wild flocksF
Of light led gulls and storm tossed cormorantsF
Nearer my feet they crept I felt their lipsF
Their hands of foam that caught at me to pressF
As once they pressed Leander and straightwayB
I saw the monster ending of their hipsF
The cruelty hid in their soft caressF
The siren passion ever more to slayI
A Bit Of CoastX
One tree storm twisted like an evil hagY
The sea wind in its hair beside a pathZ
Waves frantic arms as if in wild witch wrathZ
At all the world Gigantic grey as slagY
Great boulders shoulder through the hills or cragY
The coast with danger monster like that liftsF
Huge granite round which wheel the gulls and swiftsF
And at whose base the rotting sea weeds dragY
Inward the hills are wooded valley cleftA2
Tangled with berries vistaed dark with pinesF
At whose far end as 'twere within a frameB2
Some trail of water that the ocean leftA2
Gleams like a painting where one white sail shinesF
Lit with the sunset's poppy coloured flameB2
Autumn At AnnisquamB2
The bitter sweet and red haw in her handsF
And in her hair pale berries of the bayI
She haunts the coves and every Cape Ann wayI
The Indian Autumn wandered from her bandsF
Beside the sea upon a rock she standsF
And looks across the foam and straight the greyI
Takes on a sunset tone and all the dayI
Murmurs with music of forgotten landsF
Now in the woods knee deep among the fernsF
She walks and smiles and listens to the pinesF
The sweetheart pines that kiss and kiss againC2
Whispering their love and now she frowns and turnsF
And in the west the fog in ragged linesF
Rears the wild wigwams of the tribes of rainU
Storm SabbatI
Against the pane the darkness wet and coldI
Pressed a wild face and raised a ragged armB2
Of cloud clothed on with thunder and alarmB2
And terrible with elemental goldI
Above the fisher's hut beyond the woldI
The wind a Salem witch rushed shrieking harmB2
And swept her mad broom over every farmB2
To devil revels in some forest oldI
Hell and its hags it seemed held court againC2
On every rock trailing a tattered gownD2
Of surf and whirling screaming to the seaF
Elf locks fantastic of dishevelled rainU
While in their midst death hobbled up and downD2
Monstrous and black with diabolic gleeF
The AuroraB
Night and the sea and heaven overheadI
Cloudless and vast as 'twere of hollowed sparB
Wherein the facets gleamed of many a starB
And the half moon a crystal radiance shedI
Then suddenly with burning banners spreadI
In pale celestial armour as for warB
Into the heaven flaming from afarB
The Northern Lights their phalanxed splendours ledI
Night for the moment seemed to catch her breathE2
And earth gazed silent with astonishmentI
As spear on spear the auroral armies cameB2
As when triumphant over hell and deathE2
The victor angels thronged God's firmamentI
With sword on sword and burning oriflammeB2
Far as the eye can see the land is greyI
And desolation sits among the stonesF
Looking on ruin who from rocks like bonesF
Stares with a dead face at the dying dayI
Mounds where the barberry and bay hold swayI
Show where homes rose once where the village cronesF
Gossiped and man with many sighs and groansF
Laboured and loved and went its daily wayI
Only the crow now like a hag returnedI
Croaks on the common that its hoarse voice mocksF
Meseems that here the sorrow of the earthF2
Has lost herself and with the past concernedI
Sits with the ghosts of dreams that haunt these rocksF
And old despairs to which man's soul gave birthF2
An Abandoned QuarryF
The barberry burns the rose hip crimsons warmB2
And haw and sumach hedge the hill with fireB
Down which the road winds worn of hoof and tireB
Only the blueberry picker plods now from the farmB2
Here once the quarry driver brown of armB2
Wielded the whip when deep in mud and mireB
The axle strained and earned his daily hireB
Labouring bareheaded in both sun and stormB2
Wild cherry now and blackberry and bayI
Usurp the place the wild rose undisturbedI
Riots where once the workman earned his wageG2
Whose old hands rest now like this granite greyI
These rocks whose stubborn will whilom he curbedI
Hard as the toil that was his heritageH2
A Pool Among The RocksF
I know a pool whose crystalline reposeF
Sleeps under walls of granite whence the pineD2
Leans looking at its image line for lineD2
Repeated with the sumach and wild roseF
That redden on the rocks where at day's closeF
The sunset dreams and lights incarnadineD2
Dark waters and the place seems brimmed with wineD2
A giant cup that splendour overflowsF
Night in her livery of stars and moonD2
Stoops to its mirror gazing steadilyF
And saddened by her beauty drops one tearB
A falling star while round it sighs the runeD2
Of winds conspirators that sweep from seaF
Whispering of things that fill the heart with fearB
High On A HillI
There is a place among the Cape Ann hillsF
That looks from fir dark summits on the seaF
Whose surging sapphire changes constantlyF
Beneath deep heavens Morning windowsillsF
With golden calm or sunset citadelsF
With storm whose towers the winds' confederacyF
And bandit thunder hold in rebel feeF
Swooping upon the ilsher's sail that swellsF
A place where Sorrow ceases to complainD2
And life's old Cares put all their burdens byP
And Weariness forgets itself in restI
Would that all life were like it might obtainD2
Its pure repose its outlook strong and highP
That sees beyond far Islands of the BlestI

Madison Julius Cawein


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