The Magic Purse Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


WHAT is the gold of mortal kindA
To that men findA
Deep in the poet's mindA
That magic purseB
Of Dreams from whichC
God builds His universeB
That makes life richC
With many a visionD
Taking the soul from out its prisonD
Of facts with the precisionD
A wildflower donsE
When Spring comes knocking at the doorF
Of Earth across the windy lawnsG
Calling to Joy to rise and dance beforeF
Her happy feetH
Or with the beatH
And bright exactness of a starI
Hanging its punctual point afarI
When Night comes tripping over Heaven's floorF
Leaving a gate ajarI
That leads the Heart from all its achingJ
Far above where day is breakingJ
Out of the doubts the agoniesK
The strife and sin to join with theseK
Hope and Beauty and Joy that buildL
Their golden wallsM
Of sunset where with spirits filledL
A Presence callsM
And points a landN
Where Love walks silent hand in handN
With the Spirit of God and leads Man rightO
Out of the darkness into the lightO

Madison Julius Cawein


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