At Midnight Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


At midnight in the trysting woodA
I wandered by the watersideA
When soft as mist before me stoodA
My sweetheart who had diedA
But so unchanged was she meseemedA
That I had only dreamed her deadA
Glad in her eyes the love light gleamedA
Her lips were warm and redA
What though the stars shone shadowy throughB
Her form as by my side she wentA
And by her feet no dropp of dewB
Was stirred no blade was bentA
What though through her white lovelinessC
The wildflower dimmed the moonlight paledA
Real to my touch she was no lessC
Than when the earth prevailedA
She took my hand My heart beat wildA
She kissed my mouth I bowed my headA
Then gazing in my eyes she smiledA
'When did'st thou die ' she saidA

Madison Julius Cawein


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