Let Me Be Free Today Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Inside of me there are wordsA
that want to come outB
Words that detained me in sorrow and in painC
For so many years it bound me in despairD
and led me to live in a world full of dismayE
In my mind there are memories I want to fadeF
In my heart there is a wound I want to be healedG
With all those nightmares I almost gave up to liveH
I wish I could shout out those words todayE
Release all torments to be free somedayE
Let these tears flow untill it gone awayE
I want to be free and be healed I prayE
So let me shout out those words all dayE
Release me and let me be free todayE
I'm not your slave Let me be free todayE
You dont own me Let me be free todayE

Ma. Cristina Colima
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 06/30/2019


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Micheal james ajani: Just to be free indeed. Lol
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