The first time I saw you
I didn't really like you
For the reason that
I am afraid to love you

But the more I know you
The more I love you
For this is all I know
I am so in love with you
You're my sun on a cloudy day
You're my shade on a rainy day
You're in my mind each and everyday

Whenever I am around you
I feel like life is complete
I don't know what to say
But you make my heartbeat.

Though you annoy me sometimes and you are bad but I love you like that like the way Juliet loved Romeo

My love for you is uncontrollable
My feelings for you are unstoppable
Can't go a day without thinking about you.

How happy I am to be in love with you
I want to scream from my lungs
till I am blue and breathless.

I always knew love would come find me someday but never knew it would be you who was headed my path
You caught me off guard and then took me by surprise
but you simply captivated me ,the same way you do when I look into your eyes.

Sometimes I wonder how I feel about you.
Scared of those feelings because it is still.

Sometimes I catch myself looking at you and I quickly look away when our eyes is about to meet.

I get goose bumps only with the thought of you
my love for you is like a river flowing that doesn't have an end

I remembered the night I was with you
It was like a dream come through
The way your hand travelled round my body brought an electric shock,it was like how volcano bursted through the earth

The kisses was another thing entirely. It was like two magnet connecting on metals.

Your body lingers on me like the smell of rose.The sparkle in your eyes
The warmth of your skin on my body.
Your breath on my neck
That shakes me within.

Every time you say I love you
My heartbeat goes insane
The sensation of your love for me is almost like a pain

I am a kid again alive
With the glows of being in the midst of your so sweet company as free and completely joyous as I have ever been in my whole entire existence till now

I love the way I inhale the sweet fragrance of your smooth flesh.The joy in my heart when I am in your arms wants my heart to jump

My love for you is like a painting
Filled with all colours and shades
My love for you is like a bleeding heart
cut with many sharp blades

My love for you is like an open clear pool
My love for you is like a captured sunset
My love for you is like rapture, it takes me by surprise.

My love for you is like fire
It burns me and it is hard to kindle
I can't dare to look at you because my head are over the heels over you already.
My love is like a crocodile in the river of desire

You are my muse
I love you.