Ojira, To Her Lover Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


I am waiting in the desert looking out towards the sunsetA
And counting every moment till we meetB
I am waiting by the marshes and I tremble and I listenC
Till the soft sands thrill beneath your coming feetB
Till I see you tall and slender standing clear against the skylineD
A graceful shade across the lingering redE
While your hair the breezes ruffle turns to silver in the twilightF
And makes a fair faint aureole round your headE
Far away towards the sunset I can see a narrow riverG
That unwinds itself in red tranquillityE
I can hear its rippled meeting and the gurgle of its greetingH
As it mingles with the loved and long sought seaI
In the purple sky above me showing dark against the starlightE
Long wavering flights of homeward birds fly lowJ
They cry each one to the other and their weird and wistful callingH
Makes most melancholy music as they goJ
Oh my dearest hasten hasten It is lonely here AlreadyI
Have I heard the jackals' first assembling cryK
And among the purple shadows of the mangroves and the marshesL
Fitful echoes of their footfalls passing byK
Ah come soon my arms are empty and so weary for your beautyI
I am thirsty for the music of your voiceM
Come to make the marshes joyous with the sweetness of your presenceN
Let your nearing feet bid all the sands rejoiceM
My hands my lips are feverish with the longing and the waitingH
And no softness of the twilight soothes their heatE
Till I see your radiant eyes shining stars beneath the starlightE
Till I kiss the slender coolness of your feetE
Ah loveliest most reluctant when you lay yourself beside meI
All the planets reel around me fade awayO
And the sands grow dim uncertain I stretch out my hands towards youP
While I try to speak but know not what I sayO
I am faint with love and longing and my burning eyes are gazingH
Where the furtive Jackals wage their famished strifeQ
Oh your shadow on the mangroves and your step upon the sandhillsO
This is the loveliest evening of my LifeQ

Laurence Hope (adela Florence Cory Nicolson)


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