Gazing at the breezy night
Empty or lack of immense sunlight
And the onset of Winters shined
Though reflecting warmth of mankind
Putting up in darkness of days
But the sense of hopefulness stays
Adoring dawn dew on grass lean
Making of merry though old or teen
Few carried watch of pain despair
But the nature's light eternally blare

And then arrival of beautiful spring
Forgetting agony and joy bring
Their crisp of cold or hazy allude
Where it's chillness eventually conclude
Lovely cuckoo birds sing and emerge
Giving renewal sitting on wire's verge
Popping up flowers here and there
Embracing love cure everywhere
Every plant or lad getting up from slumber
Joy of spring prevent each from encumber.

Time of little kids been on vacation
Summer makes the fullness exploration
Fast emergence of annoying insect
Yet making family time with zest
Steeping feet in scorching heat
Yet peeps curious to see and greet
Huge trees unbiased​ indeed
Those shadows filled travelers need
Endless summers somewhat abhor
Creatures enjoys wet summer pours

Oh! The period of beauty blossom
Beginning of those blissful autumn
Leaves once cherished begin to fall
Yet human uplift from great downfall
Reddish change of tiny green leaf
Giving symbol to persist and belief
Grief declination of cycle of season
Persevering life with hopeful vision
Wait for next season's euphoric arrive
Patience and Hope makes one alive!