To my fellow poets

One Friday night I just love

The fellowship of you and I

Together thinking only of

Poetry as time surely flies.

And it’s on those glorious nights

I feel your vibes with my vibes you see

And when our vibes get together then it’s alright

Setting ourselves open and free.

As I hear your poetic expressions rise

It takes me to another level of high

That poetic expression that comprises

Of lyrical poetic gestures side by side by side.

You hear me and I hear you

And together we hear one another

Touching ever fiber and every being through

Even poetic line flowing, flowing together.

The energy makes me drunk like new wine

Makes me fall in love with myself again

And every, every day and every time

I hear your poetic measures hit my brain

I explode with such passion.

Like no other I feel you

Even as you poetically stir my soul

And pluck my brains all the through

Like no one else can although

You already have me writing again.

Suspected in space and words and time

There’s a distance between them all

And it’s through those poetic motions your help me find

My height in poetic measures feel so tall.

That was one grand night

On Grand Avenue that will remember

Until I go to my grave alright

Like Christmas in my December

I will always never forget

That one grand night on Grand Avenue. (3/13/2004)