A Social Commentary

Where is the truth?
Hiding in plain sight
With neon lights,
Brightly Shinning.

Where is the truth?
Hidden behind a big desk
Where it is seen at best---
With two eyes dressed in a suit and tie.

Where is the truth?
Wrapped around a red, white and blue flag
Attached to a set of laws in a garbage bag---
Saying something and speaking nothing.

Where is the truth?
Around the necks of those who are free
Hanging like forbidden fruit in a tree
Saying nothing and talking loud.

Where is the truth?
Sweating in the noon day sun
Burning like a raisin one by one---
Talking from the side of their red necks.

One side truth
The other brushed it aside
Giving us a ride---
From one hell to another hell.

The other side kept the lies
Tucked it in their money belts in their pocket full of lies
And if the world burns up, they wouldn't care for many reasons why---
Keeping secrets that secrets keep those secrets kept.

So where is the truth?
I bet it went to hell and back
And colored red and black
Still lies run deep.

Look closer and magnify
The germs of lies under us all
Small, medium and tall
Lies are running so deep.

I said the lies are running so deep
Like rivers flowing and flooding our very streets
Drowning every person covering them like they have been beat---
Like Katrina no one is around to help.

Where is the truth?
For some flushed down the toilet of life
As we wipe our tails with the tissues of misery and strife.

Where is the truth?
It turned into lies
And it's turned upside down besides--
Will it matter anyway?

A lie is a lie is a lie
No matter how you turn it friends
A lie is a lie is a lie
It may never ever end
Because that lie is a lie.
If you steal, you'll lie
And a lie because a lie is a lie.
Feb. 2020