In memory of Ray Charles

The music comes out of you

And shows up every time too,

Because it’s deep in your soul

The music is in coming out so.

Because you got Georgia on Your Mind,

It’s not hard at all to find,

The heart and soul of you,

Deep inside of your soul it’s true.

With your inner sight,

You painted America the Beautiful all right

While your physical sight blinded you so,

But yet you still could just go.

What’d I Say?

I wish you were still here today,

Singing your songs to soothe me,

Giving me that inner sight to see.

Brother Ray, Brother Ray we’ll miss you,

Don’t believe you left but it’s true,

But your instilled voice echoes even more

While your music opened up every door.

The radio plays your songs,

On your Baby Grand of days long gone,

The music we here will live forever

Your voce will be heard and shut never.

Brother Ray we’ll miss you dearly,

And in our hearts, we say sincerely,

Thank you for giving us that untouchable soul

We’ll always have and forever hold so.

Brother Ray play on,

Your beloved songs,

We’ll always have and forever hold so,

That untouchable and unforgettable soul.

14 June 2004