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Born June 1, 1961 in Augusta, Ga. He started writing between the 3rd and 4th grade then by age 16 published his first poem in the then Westside Weekly in Savannah, Ga. He late in life self published 3 books of poetry. Kenneth is also freelance writer, poet, podcast host and producer on Talkshoe, minister, and devoted husband living in Savannah Georgia. Poets that inspires: Nikki Giovanni, Dr. Seuss, James Weldon Johnson, Bob Dylan, Smokey Robinson, Robert Frost and many more. ...
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Kenneth R. Jenkins Poems

  • A Poem On Night
    as the ink of pen
    long, dark and mysterious
    that comes when the stars are up
    when the moon is smilin' at the earth ...
  • Daddy’s Hand: Images
    Big hands of this man
    Who I remember as a child
    Growing up in and at a time,
    When real men were fathers then. ...
  • Poem 2 The Masses
    To all who may hear me...

    Get it straight from the heart
    From this poet ...
  • The Train Home
    In memory of Spencer E. White,Jr.

    My time has come
    The minutes become hours, ...
  • The Last Goodbye
    in memory of John Lennon

    You came into our lives
    Long ago in a small space of time ...
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