In memory of Sidney Poitier

Have you seen that Black Star streaking across the sky??

So brightly shining up high,

Burning up the night air sky falling

Finally hitting its mark in that right spot and time

That gives me pleasure to write this rhyme.

Giving me pleasure to remember such a Black Star

Yes, that one who came so far,

But so near to our hearts until we can feel what he feels

In every story of every character that seems so real,

Yes, that Black Star.

His name means wide meadow like those in foreign lands

So broad with many miles flush and green and grand.

And who would know that this Black Star would come a long way

To conquer a dream to be who he was to us today-

Yes, that Black Star.

We remember that Black Star

That once streaked across the sky from so far

To capture our hearts on the silver screen and of life

Yes, it was that Black Star.

9 January 2022