a social commentary

Where is the love
For our brothers----
Gun down for n'o reason
Killing brothers like it's deer season...

Why in God's name those in blue
Are sworn to protect and serve
Acting like thugs
And that's not cool.
And while sworn to their duty
But wearing masks like Klansman
With terrorist ideas you feel me?
Killing us off one by one by one
There's nothing more sadder
Of what's going on and yes Black Lives Matter.

While we are being stopped for no reason
Be it a tail light, license plate expired
Or checking IDs to see who are
We get uptight like Cookie on Empire.
Then expressing the matter at hand
Off to jail and before the judge's stand
Funny how things are getting badder
I still say Black Lives Matter.

With all this drama on the streets
And blood is shed one soul at a time
And with every heart beat
This world is cruel to be kind
As they beat us upside our heads
There's a refrain repeating again--
Oops upside your head
Oops upside your head
Oops upside your head
Saying, oops upside your head....
What is fair?
Only in America!
Our bodies bruised and battered
From battles fought
Yes, I still believe that Black Lives Matter!

The blue men are getting out of hand
That's blue men with white skin
Wearing a frown of evil on their faces
And not knowing foe or friend
Even if you come up to them real close.
It's that mask they wear to disguise
That burning of hate
That you can see in their eyes
But just enough and to close you'll burn
There's evil all around them.

On the streets we raise hell
Loud and trying to be peaceful
While the noise is deafen everywhere
The silence in the community begins to swell
And bodies drop one by one by one.
Black bodies are snatched from us and shattered,
But I still believe Black Lives Matter.

Six million Jews died during the Holocaust
While being held under Hitler's thumb.
Now more of our young black men die
With many more souls continue to be lost
For those crimes they say we've done
While fathers lose their sons
And sons lose their fathers---
Yes, Black Lives Do Matter!

Dear Father I pray for our Black men
Who died in the heat of all these things.
Where's the love?
For our brothers--
That's gunned down for no reason
Killing them on by one
Like it's going out of season.
I still believe
Black Lives Matter!
Killing them one by one