Get your knee off my neck...

And while you doing injustice
While not breathing and in a wreck
Where justice is not for us
Never for us but for those
Who are not like me?
Or too blind to see
They got their knee on my neck.
While taking our air
From our bodies because you don’t really care
Because you’re not like me
Or you just only see
A black man in a hood
Thinking he’s up to no good
So, you stop him and throw him down
On the ground
You holler at me then press
Your knee hard body strong and yes
You killed me softly
Not with a song but murdered you see.
Setting us back 500 years
With the sweat and tears
Going down the drain
And all there remains
Another dead nigger one more time.
Another one dying
While mothers are crying
And fathers' hearts turn to stone
And grandparents sitting all alone
Thinking about and asking why?
The man who supposed to be a leader
Is like a man with a white hood the beaten
The pain master, war maker trouble man
Excusing violence where we stand
While like Nero watching the city burn
No expression, no feeling and his back turned.
Eyes blinded with no cares at all
Watching the city fall.
Will this end?
Or just pretend
Nothing matters at all
While our nation falls
While our nation falls...