O' you silly bee,
Why do you play with their hearts?
You let them forget your pain,
And you sting them once again!

If it hurts you to see them happy,
Why don't you sting them hard at once?
Shut down their hearts for a while,
And spare them the pain.

O' you silly bee,
Why don't you let them be?
Turn your back for a while,
So they enjoy the ride.

Let them be,
But o' silly bee,
Don't you let me be.
I depend on you.

For without your sting,
I would be stuck,
I would be lost,
It would be silly.

Your hive is quite a number,
I need to meet the others,
To mix and mingle,
And to discover.

It is your sting,
That brings many misery,
It is your sting,
That excites me with mystery!