The walls are warriously fortified
The military and paramilitary
Squad are strongly positioned,
The borders and fences are
well guarded.

These military Sandflies
are well equipped,
Smilingly they suck your blood
The skin itches and swells
Hands scratch in pains.

Though small like the mustard seed
Their sizes are amazing
Small but mighty,
But their piercing weapons
are harmful and dreadful,
Carefully and pitilessly
they transmit leishmaniasis.

Mosquitoes are friendlier
to Sandflies,
They blow their serines
Before launching their attacks
But Sandflies are silent shooters
They bite and make the skin cry.

Military Sandflies have rules
Don’t expose your naked body
Morning and Evening,
They are out for civic duties
Sun is like a pesticide
When Sun smiles,
They inoculate themselves
for another day.