A bandoned I am in pains
B elieve me, my eyes rains
C aught in the web,
D epressed by the tyranny of life
E nticed by the choices mocking at me
F ortunately I am alone in this
G olden medal awaits me
H ope a shield to my soul
I am on a crossed road
J umping and sitting in thoughts
K nowledge is vanity without wisdom
L ead me Lord out of temptation
M oney is mocking at me
N o one to help me cross the other side
O nly my fate is staring at me
P lease, how do I cross this road?
Q uestions quagmirely asked,
R etribution cautions my choices
S hould I journey the road of mammon?
T rading my soul for fame and wealth
U nder pleasure will I weep in pressure
V anity upon vanity,
W ill my heart find peace in these?
X -raying the fate of my soul
Y earning for His saving grace
Z ealously seeking His divine direction.