The state of dispiritedness
Frustrated by the struggles of life
Dreams grow like milipede,
Success likened to that of folks.

Thoughts of hopelessness set in
Life and death are friendly foes
Both bargaining for your destiny
Where is your faith?

Life is pricey and priceless
Birthed from the sweet pain of motherhood
Life is a battle field, fight to finish,
Don't end it in misery.

Be hopeful and trustful
Yahweh can turn your misery to miracle
He knows your end from the beginning,
Why not confide in someone?

Remember you are not alone in this,
Many weep happily in pains
They smile in hopelessness
And rejoice in penury.

Is your condition worst than Job?
Though fatefully fortunate in misery
His better half mocked him,
He stood to conquer.

Depression is inevitable
But surmountable,
Many are caught in the web
Don't give up, fight to finish.