Freedom but in chains
Decades of judicial freedom
But the caprices and cacophony
of corruption hold us captives.

Decades of mental slavery
Who will redeem us?
Misery, pain and shame mock at us
Hell on earth.

Our tongues are powerful
To wage war with the teeth and lips
Our fists enfeebled by fear of death
In our match box houses
Hunger slaps our faces.

Our thumbs blamed
For what we see,
Who did this to us?
Should we expect another messiah?

Each transition of power
Is like from frying pan to fire
We are suffering and smiling
Weak to carry placards.

We are sycophants
Ready to be slaughtered
On the altar of greed and corruption
Indepndantly dependent.

Our past elites are patriots
Whose selfless services
Are monumental in our minds
Their souls frown at our crawling stage

Though many departed elites
Whose fingers are stained
Are wailing in purgatory
Impatiently waiting for our saintly

On this auspicious day
We celebrate the lion of Africa
Whose strength is weakened
By religious apartheid, tribalism and ethnicity.