Late of Cancer, bill passed
Not to envy by that
Could it carry out its authorities
Multitudes as they wondered as though a bill can be opposed!
Chaos brought the tax 'fusion to fame
Then it born of mitchy Leo
Burst it out of puff to the multitudes
Cards lost datd monitoring, the social networks

Small a fee to be cashed out
Tough benzene added up to the notries
No seasonal payment but daily payment
Social networks embezzled by the executive
First came in mind as a suggestion
Second as a budget portion
Then exposed on the 1st of Juliet

Lock a key on the status bar
Rate it then assume best at dodging the fare
No fair judgement to a culprit
Jail you or get an extra pay
Showin' difference of two zeros and five zeros
Then a clue "network may be monitored"
Fast movin' of messages
No dirty work b'cause only clean minds use it
----- Virtual Private Network-----