Th' sun shone breet at early morn,
Burds sang sweetly on the trees;
Larks wor springin from the corn,
Tender blossoms sowt the breeze.
Jockey whistled as he went
O'er rich meadows wet wi' dew;
In his breast wor sweet content,
For his wants an cares were few.
Dolly passed him on his way,
Fresh an sweet an fair wor she;
Jockey lost his heart that day,
To the maid ov Salterlee.
Jockey an Dolly
Had allus been jolly,
Till Love shot his arrow an wounded the twain;
Their days then pass sadly,
Yet man an maid madly,
In spite ov the torture, they nursed the sweet pain.

Since that day did jockey pine,
Dolly shyly kept apart;
Still shoo milk'd her willin kine,
Tho' shoo nursed a braikin heart,
But one neet they met i'th' fold,
When a silv'ry mooin did shine;
Jockey then his true love told,
An he axt, "will't thou be mine?"
Tears ov joy filled Dolly's een,
As shoo answered modestly;
Dolly nah is Jockey's queen,
Th' bonniest wife i' Salterlee.
Jockey an Dolly,
Are livin an jolly,
May blessins for ivver attend i' ther train;
Ther days they pass gladly,
Noa moor they feel sadly,
For two hearts are for ivver bound fast i' Love's chain.