As through life you journey onward
Many a hill you'll have to climb;
Many a rough and dang'rous pathway,
You'll encounter time and time.
Now and then a gleam of sunshine,
Will bring hope to cheer your breast;
Then press onward, - ever trusting, -
Do your best and leave the rest.

Though your progress may be hindered,
By false friends or bitter foes;
And the goal for which you're striving,
Seems so far away, - who knows?
You may yet have strength to reach it,
E'er the sun sinks in the west;
Ever striving, - still undaunted; -
Do your best and leave the rest.

If you fail, as thousands must do,
You will still have cause for pride;
You will have advanced much further,
Than if you had never tried.
Never falter, but remember,
Life is not a foolish jest;
You all are in the fight to win it; -
Do your best and leave the rest.

If at last your strength shall fail you,
And your struggles have proved vain;
There is One who will sustain you; -
Soothe your sorrow, - ease your pain,
He has seen your earnest striving,
And your efforts shall be blest;
For He knows, that you, though failing,
Did your best, - He'll do the rest.