The Glimmer Of Hope. Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


I saw you from a distanceA
And I fell for you in an instantB
You took my pulse without ever touching meC
Like honey and flowers you were my bumble beeC
Broke all the walls that I createdD
Now my heart has meltedD
Never believed at love at first sightE
The saying was just a fictionF
Got my heart shining so brightE
The glow in me is of another dimensionF
Like light I cannot shine without my sunshineG
The memories of yesterday got erasedH
Past experiences dealt me a big blowI
But you are the present and future I embracedH
I guess now I am ready to growI
Like a novel this is the climax of my lifeJ
You have been the glimmer of hopeK
Your maturity has been the essence of my lovelife revivalL
Our relation is like that of a ropeK
Like a trouser you've become the belt of my lifeJ

James Ntivane
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 05/08/2023


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Jannat: The poem is just amazing! Abosolutely gorgeous


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