I saw you from a distance,
And I fell for you in an instant,
You took my pulse without ever touching me,
Like honey and flowers, you were my bumble-bee,
Broke all the walls that I created,
Now my heart has melted,

Never believed at love at first sight,
The saying was just a fiction,
Got my heart shining so bright,
The glow in me is of another dimension,
Like light, I cannot shine without my sunshine.

The memories of yesterday got erased,
Past experiences dealt me a big blow,
But you are the present and future I embraced,
I guess now I am ready to grow,
Like a novel, this is the climax of my life.

You have been the glimmer of hope,
Your maturity has been the essence of my lovelife revival,
Our relation is like that of a rope,
Like a trouser, you've become the belt of my life.