Where frosts doth northern bays congeal,
There you will find the finest seal,
They do pursue them o'er each bay
From early dawn till close of day.

The Indians display great zeal,
Engaged in hunting of the seal,
And ladies love for to display
Their seal furs from this famous bay.

Most precious of all furs is seal,
Their flesh is good as finest veal,
And the seal it is a squatter,
Lives on either land or water.

The Indian boys happy feel,
When they capture the young seal,
They do seem so happy ever,
Sailing o'er each bay and river.

They train them their canoes to tow,
And o'er the waters merry go,
Full quick to right or left they wheel,
Guided by reins the docile seal.

Like lad on colt without a saddle,
These youths use no oar nor paddle,
But swift o'er water rushes keel,
For 'tis propelled by the fast seal.

To Uncle Sam we do appeal,
How can you own the whole sea's seal,
And at the same time claim our cod,
If from the shore a mile abroad.