Canada proves her devotion
To her who rules o'er land and sea,
For loyal thoughts do hearts inspire,
To make more glorious empire.

'Tis fifty years since Queen was crowned,
Her brow with golden circlet bound,
She was a girl, graceful, fair,
And has felt joy and anxious care.

Happy years of married life
She enjoyed as Albert's wife,
But Albert died, the wise and good,
And she was left in widowhood.

In her reign the power of steam
On land and sea became supreme,
And all now have strong reliance
In fresh victories of science.

For man doth lightning now employ
And uses it for message boy,
And when he wants a brilliant light,
Electric orbs do shine most bright.

Britain's empire is extending,
Truth and justice ever blending,
May strife and discord ever cease,
And jubilee inaugurate peace.