Possibly there are an infinite possibility
to paint it my way, thoughts increasing to
a point beyond the limit, defying probabilities
Ideas in proximity I've got stability, also a piece of paper in peace with the moves of my pen
full of ideas oozing with energy
that you can't drain, words & thoughts are in synergy
with balanced stroke a master piece is just emerging
Feels great when someone see through it that you'll be the few being exclusive let's use it
the vision we're gifted with like being uplifted, bliss to have it coz you may not be able to see many times with your eyes open

Rotating your head run it down with authority like a teacher, burn it down like you're ether, being so sharp can be lethal, makes me question that is it even legal?
Got a lot of meat in the broth, spoil it by over boiling make it complicated with over coiling

It's's okay..
Because it's your canvas paint it the way you want, plain or even if it's grey or blonde, don't wait for their validation to say "you've won", or demotivation to say "you won't"