The boy stood up and looked to the skies,
With his hair in the air and determined eyes.
He put his hand to his chest, his heart beat faster.
With a mind that was made, he became a dreamer.

"Children like me lose more than I gain,
Still in my heart the dream remains:
The stars in the sky, I will reach someday."
This is what he said that day.

The teen he became grew to learn from mistakes,
With society's eyes heightening the stakes.
He reached out his arms to someone that loved a dreamer.
With faith, it was then that he became a lover.

"Teenagers like us have more things to discover,
And, now we carry the first duty on our shoulder:
The stars in the sky, we will reach someday."
This is what they declared that day.

The man he soon was, husband to his wife,
Aged sourly because of hardships and strife.
He envied, he grieved, he lost things that mattered.
With desperation, he became a desirer.

"Adults like us have far too many burdens.
The visions in our hearts disappear in clouded judgement;
The stars are but an old fantasy to throw away."
This is what they thought that day.

The people they were led lives seasons brushed by.
Their tomorrows turned to yesterdays, in the blink of an eye.
They shared the sorrows as much as the laughter.
With age-old regrets, they became thinkers.

"A widower like me bargained for plenty a stuff,
Sometimes, I gained, other times, I didn't have enough.
Still, in the eternal, our dream will stay."
This is what he said that day.

"Though our hopes were never always met,
We were both sad and happy, that you can bet.
When you want, the universe never always gives.
But, when you appreciate, you'll recognize its gifts.

Forever is a long time, much longer than I could ever imagine.
But her hands remain in mine, as my last days clock in.
Life has been cruel, life has been rewarding.
Life has been full of love and desiring.

Dreams live on, though dreamers die.
Love blossoms, though lovers say their goodbyes.
Desires remain, though desirers pass away.
Thoughts are forever, so don't be afraid.

My children, along the way I gave up on wanting
And I realized too late that it was alright to keep going.
Little ones, forgive me for leaving you bereft,"
Said the dreamer to his family under his last dying breath.