I can see you right there,
Lain across the grown grass,
Having quieted down,
As the evening hours pass.

Your warrior arms bear,
No dual blade of class.
A face without a frown,
With fate like brittle glass.

Cold winds begin to near
Our open place of stay,
While your white, supple skin
Is turning bluish gray.

My gallant comrade, dear
Confidant, If I may.
I now wish to begin
These untold things to say.

Few aged but young we were
When our metal helms hid
Mugs of utter disgrace;
Freedom, wardens forbid.

Death, servants dare deter
With sword in hand to bid
For our lives; resurface,
The spirits, intrepid!

Scorn and disdain in mind,
For gold is a far dream.
Thoughts of it, down it weighs,
Past a weakening seam.

Shackled in black steel bind,
Dead, to them, so we seem.
Wickedly, kill our ways
To make our blood not teem.

And so, we fought and fought,
Enraged by a sliver
Of a hope that one day
Life be brought by giver.

So to pay-- for us bought
With some gold & silver
-- Now with faith thrown away,
Be giving avenger.

Then, we two took our trek
Past some forest of green.
Once, you swore to follow
Your prided instinct, keen.

You heed my call & beck.
As knight, you slowly glean
My forced, princely, hollow
Endeavors at fourteen.

I knew not the noble,
For we were only slave
To hallowed crown & steel
And pompous wealthy wave.

We try to be humble,
Walk along as we pave.
Still, I know how to kill,
Of which I cannot stave.

I had been threatened by
Ministerial jester
To: live the dead man's words
Of laughingstock joker;

Paint an embellished lie;
Act a rough demeanor,
In tune with prattling birds
-- Dunce of a fence-sitter.

As such, I have lost sight
Of the currently unknown.
But, golden signs of seeds
Sprout, later to be sown.

Your will, oh, what might!
Strayed, I would be alone.
True be guardian deeds,
Kind to the weakest bone.

We now face capital
And foolish fake father,
His boorish attendants,
And frail royal candor.

Yet felled by general,
You stand up no longer.
Our men raise the pennants,
Salute to a soldier!

I for sure knew you not
When we had first been
Placed within a locked cage,
Strangers as we were seen.

But, you had cared a lot.
Some time, knelt as you mean
To follow and engage
As my steward, serene.

Loyal to the young me,
While casual words gather.
When you are royal too,
As known to your mother.

Still, you pledge in decree,
Though we were owned; rather,
We delude and bend true
To fool court oaf nature.

So, I will not forget,
Our set bickers at noon:
Prince, the apt liar, and
Counsel, his nagging boon.

A few years apart yet
Gone you are, far too soon.
Foe, teacher, brother, friend,
Real kin and fellow goon.

Again the winds have come,
As I bring your head near.
Close to my downcast chest,
Its heart, I hope you hear.

And, I will miss you some,
For beloved you are, dear.
As my final request,
Please guide me still, from here.