To my dearest ladies and gentlemen,
I greet you a wonderful noon!
We've all adorned our masks again
At the waltz of the bogus and goons.

Take a look at all of the make-up,
Our fanciful dress galore,
Medals of each of the veterans,
The jewelries, accessories, and more.

All the hearts are conflicting,
Dogmas are not all aligned.
With faces that fake the smiling;
Intentions no longer benign.

Baila! Baila! Baila!
Actions that seem like a farce
Are slowly but surely signaling
A change that is no longer far.

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!
Danza, danza, danza, danza, danza!

Attention! Come one, come all
To the waltz of the bogus and goons!
Whether you're good or bad, stand tall,
Since all are welcomed in too.

Prepare yourselves for the uprising
Of a plan that shall lay down
The differences most are awaiting
-- Turning evil smiles to evil frowns.

For the greedy, our doors are open.
For the deceitful, our minds are clear.
In traitors, our trust we strengthen.
Good conscience, we do not dare near.

The clock has been ticking away
And the wise are asleep (oh so cruel!).
Yet the crowd is lively at
The waltz of the fools.