Whispers of the evening
Fill the gentle air,
Humming a melody
For dearest, so fair.

Midnight, when awoken,
Specks of light surround
Thee, my precious darling,
Whom the dark had found.

Lost lambs we have become,
Following the ryes.
But, the truth shall gaze back,
Opening our eyes.

Silent nights usher cold,
Dreary, weary whims,
Weighing thee down, dearest,
Turning thy days dim.

Yet, in embrace, be gone,
Torment in shadows.
Chase away all horror,
Back in their burrows.

My lone heart thou should hold
And love be thy charm,
While I start to sing thee
A song to rout harm.

Tunes of the nightingale
Sound to deep darkened
Blue clouds of curtained sky,
Two worlds harkened.

Waves of sparing moonlight
Fall between our feet.
Rise do the twirling dust
From the ground beneath.

Cast aside thy troubles
That lay waste to thee,
Much like the sun retired
Past a blanket sea.

Unloose thyself and breathe;
Calm, serene, at rest.
Hear our dozing hearts beat,
In my arms, dearest.

I hum to thee sweet dreams,
Warm thy soul, asleep.
Be cradled by comfort,
Allow the wonder seep.

Hush, my precious darling,
The stars guard our door.
Let thyself know freedom;
Lonesome be no more.