Truth Of Life Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


What is self love what is that feelingA
She said as she kept looking in the mirrorB
She kept wondering if she will knowC
What was she searching for in the mirrorB
Maybe she wanted the mirror to answerB
Her burning question of self loveD
Would she ever put herself first before himE
Will she keep running back to what wasF
Would she keep changing herselfG
Would she be finally ready to accept herselfG
Why does she keep trying to fit in to clothesH
Clothes that can't let her breath to be beautifulI
They say all a woman needs is her smileJ
But in our society is the amount of make upK
The tight clothes that brings out her curvesL
We are all so bent in what one wearsM
That we forget what a person is from the insideN
We end up in marriages that lucks loveD
We end up hating the people we marryO
We end up realizing a bit to lateP
Then that's the time we run towards divorcingA
Beauty fades but what remain is personalityO
I hope you understand self love is accepting yourselfG
To bring out the best in you to be kind and genuine to yourselfG

Ibthlhal Abdul
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 05/28/2019


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