The Tourist Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Lo carpet bag and bagger occupy the landA
And prove the touring season actively begunB
His personnel and purpose can none misunderstandA
For each upon his frontlet bears his honest brandA
The fool ish oneB
By caravan and car from country and from townC
A great grasshopper army fell foraging the landA
Like bumblebees that know not where to settle downC
Impossible it is to curb or scare or drownC
The tourist bandA
With guidebook camera with rod and gun to shootD
To lure the deer the hare the bird the speckled troutE
The pauper or the prince unbidden they saluteD
And everywhere their royal right dare none disputeD
To roam aboutE
From dark immuring walls and dingy ways of tradeF
From high society's luxurious stately homesG
From lounging places by the park or promenadeF
From rural dwellings canopied in sylvan shadeF
The tourist comesH
To every mountain peak within the antipodesH
To sweet sequestered spots no other mortal knowsH
To every island fair engirt by sunny seasH
To forest centers unexplored by birds or beesH
The tourist goesH
For Summer's fingers all the land have richly dressedI
Resplendent in regalia of scent and bloomJ
And stirred in every heart the spirit of unrestI
Like that of untamed fledglings in the parent nestI
For ampler roomJ
What is it prompts the roving mania is it loveK
Of wild adventure fanciful unique and oddL
Is it to be in fashion and to others proveM
One's social standing that impels the madness ofK
The tramp abroadN
The question hangs unanswered like an unwise prayerO
Importunate but powerless response to bringP
Go ask the voyagers the rovers everywhereO
They only say it is their rest time outing theirO
So is the world's eccentric round of joy completeQ
When happy tourist traveler no more to roamR
His fascinating thrilling story shall repeatQ
To impecunious luckless multitudes who greetQ
The tourist homeR

Hattie Howard


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