'vulgarised' Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


All round they murmur 'O profaneA
Keep thy heart's secret hid as gold'B
But I by God would sooner beC
Some knight in shattering wars of oldB
In brown outlandish arms to rideB
And shout my love to every starD
With lungs to make a poor maid's nameE
Deafen the iron ears of warF
Here where these subtle cowards crowdB
To stand and so to speak of loveG
That the four corners of the worldB
Should hear it and take heed thereofG
That to this shrine obscure there beC
One witness before all men givenH
As naked as the hanging ChristB
As shameless as the sun in heavenH
These whimperers have they spared to usI
One dripping woe one reeking sinJ
These thieves that shatter their own gravesK
To prove the soul is dead withinJ
They talk by God is it not timeL
Some of Love's chosen broke the girthM
And told the good all men have knownN
Since the first morning of the earthM

Gilbert Keith Chesterton


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