The Praise Of Dust Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


'What of vile dust ' the preacher saidA
Methought the whole world wokeB
The dead stone lived beneath my footC
And my whole body spokeB
'You that play tyrant to the dustD
And stamp its wrinkled faceE
This patient star that flings you notF
Far into homeless spaceE
'Come down out of your dusty shrineG
The living dust to seeH
The flowers that at your sermon's endI
Stand blazing silentlyH
'Rich white and blood red blossom stonesJ
Lichens like fire encrustD
A gleam of blue a glare of goldK
The vision of the dustD
'Pass them all by till as you comeL
Where at a city's edgeM
Under a tree I know it wellN
Under a lattice ledgeM
'The sunshine falls on one brown headA
You too O cold of clayO
Eater of stones may haply hearP
The trumpets of that dayO
'When God to all his paladinsJ
By his own splendour sworeQ
To make a fairer face than heavenR
Of dust and nothing more '-

Gilbert Keith Chesterton


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