A Word Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


A word came forth in Galilee a word like to a starA
It climbed and rang and blessed and burnt wherever brave hearts areA
A word of sudden secret hope of trial and increaseB
Of wrath and pity fused in fire and passion kissing peaceB
A star that o'er the citied world beckoned a sword of flameC
A star with myriad thunders tongued a mighty word there cameC
The wedge's dart passed into it the groan of timber wainsB
The ringing of the river nails the shrieking of the planesB
The hammering on the roofs at morn the busy workshop roarD
The hiss of shavings drifted deep along the windy floorD
The heat browned toiler's crooning song the hum of human worthE
Mingled of all the noise of crafts the ringing word went forthF
The splash of nets passed into it the grind of sand and shellG
The boat hook's clash the boas oars' jar the cries to buy and sellG
The flapping of the landed shoals the canvas crackling freeH
And through all varied notes and cries the roaring of the seaH
The noise of little lives and brave of needy lives and highI
In gathering all the throes of earth the living word went byI
Earth's giants bowed down to it in Empire's huge eclipseB
When darkness sat above the thrones seven thunders on her lipsB
The woes of cities entered it the clang of idols' fallsB
The scream of filthy Caesars stabbed high in their brazen hallsB
The dim hoarse floods of naked men the world realms' snapping girthE
The trumpets of Apocalypse the darkness of the earthE
The wrath that brake the eternal lamp and hid the eternal hillJ
A world's destruction loading the word went onward stillJ
The blaze of creeds passed into it the hiss of horrid firesB
The headlong spear the scarlet cross the hair shirt and the briarsB
The cloistered brethren's thunderous chaunt the errant champion's songK
The shifting of the crowns and thrones the tangle of the strongK
The shattering fall of crest and crown and shield and cross and copeL
The tearing of the gauds of time the blight of prince and popeL
The reign of ragged millions leagued to wrench a loaded debtM
Loud with the many throated roar the word went forward yetM
The song of wheels passed into it the roaring and the smokeN
The riddle of the want and wage the fogs that burn and chokeN
The breaking of the girths of gold the needs that creep and swellG
The strengthening hope the dazing light the deafening evangelG
Through kingdoms dead and empires damned through changes without ceaseB
With earthquake chaos born and fed rose and the word was 'Peace '-

Gilbert Keith Chesterton


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