I hear a little cry
Is it not from that dark field?
The sound shuttles me
The pitch comes loud and clear
I guess, a lady!
But I can't see her

I ask with my choking voice
Who is that in the field,
Crying without little help
When the scene loves silence
Is it you mama ;
Why are you whistling
From such a cold venue

Come out and say it all
Tell the beautiful trees
Why you are wailing now
They gonna give you
The little help you need

I hear the trees whisper
You are their best friend
I hear them sing
How they helped you escape
Mama, you escaped a terrible trap
When the hyena had come
They had to keep you safe
He wanted to hurt you
And give you a little mark
Pray God, he didn't find you

Mama, why do you cut the trees
They, kept you safe
Why do you trim the branches
They, hideth you

Come out of the bush
Come let's irrigate more and more
Or do they irritate
If so, come and plan your death
They gonna give you the best
The best send you deserve.