That morning, the sun rose early than had been
Its rays spread to the highlands and rivers
I stared looking at the sky, so clear it was
That no beam of cloud was seen
The wind blew almost the high speed ever recorded

Some thought it was the day
When the Lord of the land had promised to destroy the world
They cried and cried, to have their evils wrapped
Many pretended to be the most holy beings of the universe
They ceased from their daily routine works with no delay

They released their livestock to the fields but some refused
I saw goats hesitating to remain indoors
That was the concert, ever since
One old man could nearly slap the animals who became stubborn
But all could not solve the situation

The scene was filled with noise from all different sounds of animals
People also began to cry, loud, to be heard by their Saviour
Soon, some cold winds blew from the north
It called for heavy clothes in order to withstand
All were filled with terror

Soon darkness covered the whole universe
Huge clouds spread the sky sympathetically,
Can you imagine, how fast? But within two hours
That day, it rained till midnight
The elders called it " A cloudy warm day"