How can I live to rejoice?
In the world of terror and distress
The best times are gone
When real people used to live
Today, only shadows are flowing

When the bread was cheap, those are the times I mean
But now look, at the top!
Only a few can reach, the common goods of need
Not even the flour, that one can manage to purchase
I can't at all, admire the lives we live

That time death was rare
Although people could die, not like today
These days, accidents are rampant
Look at! Plane clashes, ships and vehicles
People are crying as the world color is fading

The leaders are fighting, now and then
Instead of resolving, the burden of man
Their aim is to eat, the best bread of the day
But the needy are hungry, no one cares
The state standstill, all chaos, just a mess!