Beyond My Sight Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


You have goneA
Far beyond my sightB
It is dark my eyes are wetC
I see no hope the little hope is goneA
I feel no warm for the since our aim was oneD
How can I live to rejoiceE
When laughter and joy has fadeF
It is a few hours nowG
when I had it ringH
It has rang again with sympathy and gloomI
I hear the sound of the drumJ
Yes that old drumJ
For days and years agoK
We heard it and felt itL
But now it is growing worseM
It spares none not even the innocentN
From the streets there's a cryO
It is growing louderP
Two children are cryingH
They have no comfortQ
Oh why this drumJ
I hear it whisper that golden trumpetR
From a far distanceS
It sounds betterP
I admire the tone the tune and the themeT
In it there's a promiseU
That living trumpet Christ blows itL

Francis Omariba
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 02/15/2021


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