May i write to you
On how much I loved you
I chose your company among the few
Thinking that I will get it
The regard I deserved
But just a mess

Can I live to regret the decision I made?
Can't imagine the response I got
That same day my eyes dimmed
Because of such an empty talk
By the name of apology, I curse that cold day

You thought it wise, but now just a waste
Why could you lie? That you had no company
It made me to trust with all my heart
Do you feel the pain in my heart
Oh! why? Was it my fault?

Now my mind can see it
You yourself, and your heart, planned it
Deliberately you did it, to wet my latter wound
Come, come! And shout it
All is over and all is vanity

From now henceforth
May you live a long life
Live a holy life, the one to be imitated
From far I watch, keep the trust to your trusted
Believe it, life won't feed you peppers.