Who Saw Me. Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


It's not all about the time of hurrayA
It's all about the time of reflectionB
With ease I came to this world in jubilationB
While at days just only eko and sukusuku for the naming of the great one all the wayA
Who saw me when the tides were downC
When from do re mi fa so la ti do life descends to do ti la so fa mi re do I ask who saw meD
At childhood orisa ewe kept me growing while the world kept choking meD
All in all I ask again who saw meD
How could the mighty fall but many times I've fallen with unseen scars tears and painsE
I've sailed many a voyage through the thick turbulent storm with the anchor failing to hookF
Many times I've lost my place to dine and wine with the great men of varlour and KingsG
Who saw me as my journey so far is like pages of an inspirational bookF
Who saw me when I started again the rigorous journey of grass to graceH
Who saw me when I braced up to set the law in motion changing negative narratives to positiveI
Who saw me when I decided changing my tears to a blossom charming smileJ
Who saw me when I made up my mind and said NEVER AGAIN to the falling of a manK
With joy and gladness of heart I wanna rejoice dine and wineL
Mukulumuke I will dance sweetly as I grow older today and forget all my troubleM
As the era has come never again will I be at the middle but at the top so bright and shineL
An era when those known and unknown will be willing wishing and ready to wine and dine at my tableM

Fatoki, Oluwatobi O.
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 09/21/2020


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