Biography of Fatoki, Oluwatobi O.

Born without a silver spoon
Grew up with parental care and love.
By the grace of God, I am a practicing legal practitioner, M.Sc holder in Peace and Security Studies, PG.D holder in Journalism and a poet.
Apart from being a poet, I write scripts, prose and drama as well as acting.
I remain yours truly.

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Poem of the day

Sir Walter Scott Poem
 by Sir Walter Scott

The glowing censers, and their rich perfume;
The splendid vestments, and the sounding choir;
The gentle sigh of soul-subduing piety;
The alms which open-hearted charity
Bestows, with kindly glance; and those
Which e'en stern avarice.
Though with unwilling hand,
Seems forced to tender; an offering sweet

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