We played, dined and wined together but today you want to bring me down
Forgetting so quick how you comfortably ate from my pepper and salts
With smile and joy, you licked my oily palms but to my messy hands you bring insults
Certainly, in the anger of Oya, Oshun, Olokun and Yemoja you will surely drown.

All your harms not yet enough
The arms lifted by a banana tree will surely hit the banana tree itself
The chickens are always behind their mother
If we say we will take hold of today, my friend it is for another day as no one dare take hold of the air.

What have I done to worth your cruelty and zeal to cut me off
Your pranks and antics I know but my crawling like that of a Tiger is not that I fidget
Haven't I in most cases done you good when things were for you rough?
With boldness I beseech ogiri alapa to fall on you while ayilara makes you its target.

All evil arms you stretched not yet enough
Afopina that dares to kill the fitila will surely kill itself
Oh! Why would you take your saraa beyond the mosque
As no one sees chains and swords on the legs and neck of flies, all your evil towards me will never manifest.

Gentlemen of evil and damsel of beasts, how I thought you would have walked in the counsel of the wise
You were once a sheep but now you walk with dogs; tell me, how will you escape eating poo?
Despite blowing poetically the Hunter's whistle, you are lost in the jungle like a deaf dog and surely you shall pay the price
I repeat, ayilara will turn your belly to a gory pool.

All your evil plans towards me are not enough
Owo koko la fin wo igi, owo orisa la fi wo afin
I have plucked the leaves of onitete so you dare not match me
Sese lomode nyo mo eye, anywhere I am or go, may the world always rejoice with me.

Abere kin ko ohun aso
Konko kan kin ko ohun odo
The motion moved by alagemo is always accepted by orisa oke
I've moved my poetic motion today and may same be ever sustained and not overruled.