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Born without a silver spoon Grew up with parental care and love. By the grace of God, I am a practicing legal practitioner, M.Sc holder in Peace and Security Studies, PG.D holder in Journalism and a poet. Apart from being a poet, I write scripts, prose and drama as well as acting. I remain yours truly. ...
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  • Independence Greed-dom.
    With a spirit and zeal of sovereignty
    Awolowo, Azikiwe and Bello with many others championed the journey
    With a determined tete-a-tete, we became a nation snatched from the jaws of the mighty
    Decades upon decades, the rightful structure laid was pulled down with a sole rulership interest of money, money and money. ...
  • Who Saw Me.
    It's not all about the time of hurray
    It's all about the time of reflection
    With ease I came to this world in jubilation
    While at 7days just only eko and sukusuku for the naming of the great one all the way. ...
  • So Be It.
    We played, dined and wined together but today you want to bring me down
    Forgetting so quick how you comfortably ate from my pepper and salts
    With smile and joy, you licked my oily palms but to my messy hands you bring insults
    Certainly, in the anger of Oya, Oshun, Olokun and Yemoja you will surely drown. ...
  • Undemocratic June 12.
    Victory! Victory!! Victory!!! were the jubilations of June 12, 1993 witnessing the adjudged freest and fairest Democratic Presidential Election in Nigeria
    Late Justice Dahiru Saleh, your hands were tied I believed not minding that history will never forget your name
    Oh! What a day light robbery on our Democracy, SDP, Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola and the entire Southern area
    General Ibrahim Babaginda, you might be rich today but since 24th June, 1993 that you announced the annulment till date, oh! Tell me, where is now your positive fame? ...
  • Home
    The Yorubas do say; Ile la n ti ko eso rode
    You cannot no matter how clever cheat on nature
    As what comes from you and I has its roots traced to our nurture
    From home do our sojourn start and ends on how good we rebirth ourselves day by day. ...
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