Dark is the Absence of light, laughter the absence of fright
weakness the absence of might, day the absence of night
Blindness the absence of sight, grounded the absence of flight

The absence of you, i can no longer write
You are my muse, without you, i'm just hopeless in life

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, This is not not true
i'll die within a second, if i cant breathe the essence of you
You the queen that i live for, if only you knew
infinite words can never conclude
failing to capture what i wish to imbue

You are the blood of my lifeline, i live on cloud nine
so please don't ever leave me, you are my living shrine.

The absence of you, there will be no divine.

I will get stuck to our past lives , with the absence of time.

The absence of you, will surely, with conclusion
sever my life line.

breakdown: -

The one i live for, die and cry for, the one i adore
she's the muse of muse, i love her,
down to broken core

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