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  • A Moment Relived
    Remember! the conversation we had? I clearly remember,
    It was raining that night.
    I asked if it was her that you chose, You stuttered
    On your face i saw fright ...
  • Just Sitting Here
    Just sitting here thinking about the world today,
    Is just me, or does it seem decayed
    Has it lost all meaning?
    Are we just coasting the game ...
  • Stellar Feeling
    Eyes getting lost in the night sky, a silhouette of your heavenly body I clearly envision in the stars,
    Your eyes illuminate like the sun, flowing hair as red as mars.

    A smile that lights the milky way. ...
  • Invisible Friend
    Rain drops to the sound of my tears
    thoughts storm clouded,
    I wish I could turn back the years
    Erase every mistake, every irrational fear ...
  • A Soul Tortured
    Tortured soul
    He walks this earth alone
    Crying out to be saved
    His heart has turned to stone ...
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