Smiling face, look how I get lost in her sparkling eyes
crystal glasses toasting, for this journey's we willingly embark on tonight

I can see her lustful thoughts
tread milling, running backwards
fighting heated feelings, she wants to rip off my clothes

Her lips the taste that gives it away, it's alone, it's lonely
Running seductively across every ounce of my quivering soul, static,slowly

I completely crash loosening my grip in this moment, I let go
Thermometer calling for a windy ice tea, intoxicating kiss that she blows

Our hungered hands searching like lost ships in the night
Body's shed of their burdens
Our ripped clothes strewn to the side

Our body's drenched with the emotions of one another
We tasted every ounce, breathed every sound, touches as soft as a feather

our groping body's heated, touching, moving intensely as one
electric, thrust surges with sensuality
floating on each others essence, this taste, we both explode
leaving us breathless and done

we turn and get locked in each others arms
holding on for dear life, hoping this magic moments
will never lose it's charm.